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Our Process

Our goal isn’t to have the most customers, it’s to have the most happy customers. To that end, Mac Molding created a work-flow process designed to make things as easy on you as possible and ensure that you receive the best quality parts from your tool every time we run it. Here’s an outline of the steps in our process to give you an idea of what you can expect when you partner with Mac Molding.

Request a Quote

Give us a call or complete the online form. Once we have the necessary information from you including the number of pieces you need, number of cavities in your mold, the material you want to use and your time frame, we’ll be able to prepare a quote for you within 2 business days.

Mold Analysis

Once Mac Molding is approved to run your molds, our processing techs will determine the optimal pressures, temperatures and cure times for your mold. This upfront evaluation sets the stage for the most efficient molding process and the best quality parts.

Quality Control

Our Quality Assurance team documents the parameters for each mold in process logs to ensure that the same specifications are held shot after shot and run after run. This team then inspects your finished parts and certifies them against the agreed upon specifications. Our goal is consistency. We strive to impress you with high-quality parts each and every time we run your mold.


We’re not happy until you’re happy. Therefore, only once we’ve received your final approval upon inspecting the finished parts do we package everything up according to your requirements and have your parts delivered.