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Why Us

Mac Molding serves a variety of clients, primarily in electronics, consumer products and other industries. Our longstanding and close relationships with businesses across these industries have allowed us to tailor our processes to deliver high-quality molded products and parts that perform above expectations.

Service Molded to Your Needs

There’s much more to producing sleek, durable and high-functioning parts than merely filling injection dies and starting and stopping machinery. Mac Molding takes the time necessary to get to know your special requirements. We mold our knowledge and equipment to your needs, rather than force your product into a prepackaged plastic molding solution that may not suit your needs.

At Mac Molding, we’ll never compromise the integrity of your product. Once we’ve worked with you to determine your needs, budget and timeline, we work every step of the way to ensure quality. Special attention is given to massaging the very best parts from each production run and testing and retesting at every step along the way. If, at any point, the parts we produce are not quite rising to the standards and specifications you require, our molding professionals are well-equipped to make swift adjustments to fine-tune the final product.

Streamlined, Timely and Affordable

Mac Molding is dedicated to providing our customers with personalized, custom injection molding services from production to delivery. At the same time, we don’t overcomplicate the production process. By running clean and simplifying the Injection Molding Process we can provide you with the lowest possible pricing to bring your products to market faster than you ever thought possible.

We welcome you to visit our Competitive Advantages and Featured Capabilities pages to learn more about our experienced team and what we have to offer.

Our Process

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Give us a call or complete the online form. Once we have the necessary information from you including the number of pieces you need, number of cavities in your mold, the material you want to use and your time frame, we’ll be able to prepare a quote for you within 2 business days.

Mold Analysis

Once Mac Molding is approved to run your molds, our processing techs will determine the optimal pressures, temperatures and cure times for your mold. This upfront evaluation sets the stage for the most efficient molding process and the best quality parts.

Quality Control

Our Quality Assurance team documents the parameters for each mold in process logs to ensure that the same specifications are held shot after shot and run after run. This team then inspects your finished parts and certifies them against the agreed upon specifications. Our goal is consistency. We strive to impress you with high-quality parts each and every time we run your mold.

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Quality Committed

We take our commitment to perfection seriously and instill that dedication in our staff. We’ll walk you through the development, manufacture and delivery of your product with careful attention to the utmost quality at every step of the way. What’s more, we consistently revisit and revise our processes to improve your product and meet or exceed your top requirements.

On Time Delivery

Mac Molding understands the importance of delivering your parts according to schedule. We know your manufacturing operation can’t run smoothly if your parts aren’t on time, so we take our delivery schedules seriously and do everything in our power to make sure your parts at are your door when we said they will be.

Short/Long Runs

Whether you’re looking for a thousand parts or a half-million parts, we are happy to quote your job. With our large number of presses, we can fit in both long run and short run jobs to the schedule.


What shot size range can you handle?

1 ounce to 7 pounds.

What's the largest press you have?

A 900 ton injection thermoplastic machine.

What material types do you work with?

Polyproylene, Polycarbonate, ABS, Nylon, TPE, Acetal, Xenoy, Fiberglass and Phenolic.

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