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Injection Molding Done Right

Our injection molding presses can produce shot sizes from 1 ounce up to 7 pounds and offer clamping forces from 55 to 900 tons. But our equipment is only part of the story. More than half of Mac Molding employees have 30-plus years’ experience in molding and look forward to putting their know-how to work for you.

Compression Molding

In compression molding, it’s imperative to find a molder who uses the right amount of material and understands the heating time required, the force that should be applied to the mold and the necessary cooling time.

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Thermal Set Molding

Thermal Set material is used when molded parts are used in applications where they’ll be exposed to high temperatures that would cause most plastics to melt.

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Post Molding Operations

Once the parts are released from your molds, Mac Molding offers various post-molding operations including trimming, drilling, deburring, deflashing and degating.

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